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Adult Corrections in Canada
Adult Corrections in Canada, 2nd Ed

Edited by John Winterdyk and Michael Weinrath

ISBN 13:
978-1897160930 (softcover)
Pub date: Feb 2019

Courses: Introduction to Corrections| Criminal Justice |

Introduction to Adult Corrections in Canada
Michael Weinrath and John Winterdyk

Chapter 1 Adult Corrections within a Canadian Context
John Winterdyk and Aja Jacqueline Manning

Chapter 2 An Historical Overview of Adult Corrections in Canada
John Winterdyk

Chapter 3 Sentencing and Correctional Sanctions
Derek Spencer

Chapter 4 Probation and Community Corrections
Michael Weinrath

Chapter 5 Prison Life: Doing Time in Canadian Institutions
Rosemary Ricciardelli and Michael Weinrath

Chapter 6 Women in Custody
Gillian Balfour

Chapter 7 The Mass Imprisonment of Indigenous Peoples: Canada’s Continued Colonial Agenda
Lisa Monchalin and Olga Marques

Chapter 8 Limiting the State’s Right to Punish
Debra Parkes, Kelly Hannah­Moffat, and Amy Klassen

Chapter 9 Offender Assessment, Classification, and Treatment in Canadian Corrections
Claire Goggin, Paul Gendreau, James Bonta, J. Stephen Wormith, Myles Ferguson and Paula Smith

Chapter 10 Conditional Release in Canada
Tracey Cyca and Tim Williams

Chapter 11 Adult Restorative Justice in Canada
Andrew Woolford and Amanda Nelund

Chapter 12 An Introduction to Prison and Penal Abolitionism in Canada
Justin Piché, Kevin Walby and Nicolas Carrier

Chapter 13 The Future of Corrections in Canada
Rick Ruddell and Katharina Maier


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