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The Promethean Bridge

By Shlomo G. Shoham

ISBN 10: 0-96998707-9-5
ISBN 13: 9780969870791
Pub date: 2005
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 235

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This is not a work on physics, nor is it a tract on personality; but rather an effort to link them together in order to examine the cognitive relationship of humans with their surroundings. We explore the interaction between the human mind and energy-matter; the adoption of quantum mechanics allows us to bridge the distinction between physics and psychology. We invoke here the principles of quantum mechanics, symbols, and great myths-from Tantalus, Sisyphus, and Prometheus, through the Kabbalah and the Gnostic religions, to great historical figures in art and literature. Our personality theory, first expounded in The Myth of Tantalus (1979), is expanded here into truly interdisciplinary research, examining the relationship of humans with God and the universe. We claim that myths reflect the human mind more profoundly than any other means available: they serve as a bridge to unknown parts of the human psyche and history, and form the basis for human behavior for centuries. We therefore use a method we call myth-empiricism. It is, indeed, amazing to see the connection between the structure of the human mind and that of energy-matter, as it is reflected in the mytho-empirical context.

Shlomo Giora Shoham is Professor of Law at Tel Aviv University and a world- renowned criminologist. He is a widely published author on crime, deviance, philosophy, religion, psychology, and the interdisciplinary features of the human personality. He lectures worldwide and recently has been resident at the universities of Harvard, Oxford, and at the Sorbonne.

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