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Power and Empowerment

By Siobhan Maclean (Kirwin Maclean Associates Ltd)

Co-published by de Sitter Publications for distribution in Canada and globally to libraries and library systems.

ISBN 978-1-897160-70-1
Pub date: Feb 2012
Pages: 138

Social Work Pocket Guides are an entirely new concept in social work. They are designed to help busy practitioners to get to the bottom of the What? Why? and How? of the chosen subject.

Empowerment is one of the foundations of social work practice. However, practitioners operating in the current climate can be challenged by power and empowerment and may feel that empowerment is not an attainable goal in contemporary practice.

This Pocket Guide takes a practical approach to empowerment, exploring the key components of the concept. It provides practical examples of how empowerment can be put into practice, despite the current challenges.

Siobhan Maclean is a registered social worker with a passion for practice education. Siobhan has written a number of publications for social workers and students including the immensely popular “Theory and Practice”. She is committed to making the knowledge base accessible for busy practitioners.

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Call for Authors

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