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Poverty, Gender, and Human Development
Poverty, Gender, and Human Development

By A.H. Somjee and Geeta Somjee

ISBN 10: 0-9733978-8-8
ISBN 13: 9780973397888
Pub date: 2005
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 209

Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul Streeten
Poverty, Gender, and Human Development: An Introduction

Chapter 1 . Creating New Resources for the Neglectect
I The Burgeoning Milk Economy
II Milk liquidity and its impact
III Mega Milk Communities
IV Overcoming Environmental Limitations
V Taking Cooperatives to the Tribals
VI Benefiting from Urban Linkages
VII Milk Cooperatives with Difficult Beginning
VIII Some General Observations

Chapter 2. Involving the Socially Concerned to Fight Poverty
I Different Kinds of milk Cooperatives
II Offshoots of the Indian National Movement
III Targeting the Poor and Neglected
IV From Governmentalism to Cooperatism
V Poverty and the Role of Social Activists
VI Some General Observations
Chapter 3. Redoing the Gender Equation
I Women as Targets and Conduits
II Women as Trained Co-contributors
III Women as Critical Agents
IV. Self-Involvement and Ethnodevelopment
Chapter 4. Participation and Human Development
I “Anand Pattern” Democracy
II Cooperatives Define Democracy
III Big Farmers' Democracy
IV Small Farmers' Empowerment Process
V Political Empowerment Preceded the Economic
VI The Democratic Intermediaries
VII Policy Implementing Democracy
VIII Cooperatives and Liberalization
IX An Emerging Cooperative Democracy
Chapter 5. New Horizons
I Some Early Experiences
II Bold Regional Experiments
III Co-ordinates of Going Beyond Milk IV New Horizons


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