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Globalization and Development in Latin America

Globalization and Development in Latin America

Edited By Richard L. Harris

Pub date: 2005
ISBN 10: 1-897160-02-X
ISBN 13: 978-1897160022 Pub date: 2005
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 355

Courses: Latin American Studies | Sociology of Globalization | Global Studies

This volume critically examines the effects of globalization and neoliberal development policies on economic, social, and political conditions in contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean. The contributors provide a series of complementary perspectives on some of the most important trends and issues in this important region of the world. Insightful and timely, the essays in this collection focus on contemporary issues involving economic integration, health, labor, subnational development, and popular mobilization. In general, they provide multiple viewpoints and extensive evidence of profound transformations in the economic, social, and political systems, as well as in the international relations of the societies in the region.
This anthology will force students and scholars, across a variety of disciplines, to examine the prevailing assumptions about globalization and its relation to development. It will encourage new vistas of thought in economics, regional politics, sociology, and social development. And, most importantly, this anthology provides articulate and coherent instruction on the most meaningful challenges facing Latin America.


Richard L. Harris, Gary Prevost, Robert Weber,
Joseph E. Brenner, Ellen R. Shaffer, Alicia Yamin,
Jorge Nef, Robert Huesca, Roy C. Nelson, and Harry E. Vanden

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