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Through the Eyes of Women

Through the Eyes of Women: Gender, Social Networks, Family, and Structural Change in Latin America and the Caribbean Edited By Cecilia Menjivar

ISBN 10: 0-9698707-5-2
ISBN 13: 9780969870753
Pub date: 2003
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 303

Courses: Gender and Development | Women and Public
Policy | Women and Politics | Political Sociology | Social
Inequalities/Social Stratification | Sociology of Globalization | Sociology of Sex and Gender | Women's
Studies | Race, Class Gender |

This volume examines the effects of neoliberal reforms on daily life in Latin America and the Caribbean, as seen through the eyes of women. The contributions in this volume situate women in their sociocultural milieus, so that women's perceptions and assessments are examined through a lens that includes the lives of other women, men, and other members of the women's families, work settings, communities, and political and religious organizations. Although women in this volume are presented as social actors pursuing diverse personal goals, their experiences, views, and objectives are embedded within broader forces in the economy, polity, culture, and legal systems that organize their lives.


Cecilia Menjivar, Helen I. Safa, Maurar I. Toro-Morn,
Anne R. Roschelle, Elisa Facio, Susana Masseroni, Susana Sauane, Rocio Enriquez Rosas, Sylvia Chant, Maria Cristina Gomez da Conceicao, and Silvia Lopez Estrada

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