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Work, Occupations and Professionalization

Edited by

Stephen E. Bosanac and Merle Jacobs, York University

ISBN 13:
9781897160404 (softcover)
Pub date: Nov 2010
Pages: 318


Work, Occupations and Professionalization:
Cultures of Coercive Credentialism
L.A. Visano

Stephen E. Bosanac and Merle Jacobs

Chapter 1
The Importance of Considering Race, Gender and Work in
Context through Intersectionality
Stephen E. Bosanac

Chapter 2
A Structural Functional Approach to the Study of
Work and Professions
Timothy P. McCauley

Chapter 3
The Culture of Professions and the Individual
L.A. Visano

Chapter 4
Nursing’s Journey from Semi-professional to Professional
Merle Jacobs

Chapter 5
The Potential for Transformative Justice in Nursing
Rebecca Hagey, Lillie Lum, Jane Turrittin,
and Robert MacKay

Chapter 6
Crossroads in Anthropology's Professionalization:
The Contrasting Pathways of Horatio Hale and Franz Boas
David A. Nock

Chapter 7
Obstacles Faced by Women in the Criminal Justice Professions
Tammy Turner and Stephen E. Bosanac

Chapter 8
Equity and Work
Merle A. Jacobs

Chapter 9
Credentialism: What is it and Why Should I Care?
Greg Scott

Chapter 10
The Foreign Credentials Gap: Understanding the
Dynamics of Racialized Immigration in Canada
Lorne Foster

Chapter 11
The Community College Con:
“Change Your Life Through Learning”
Randle W. Nelsen

Chapter 12
The Future of Sociology as a Profession
Stephen E. Bosanac



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