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The Dancer's Gift
The Dancer's Gift
Sociology in Life

Meredith Kennedy
Marty E. Zusman
Caroline Schacht and
David Knox

ISBN 13:

Pub date: Sept 2010

Courses: Introductory Sociology | Social Issues |

Sociology students sometimes ask, ‘What does sociology have to do with me?’ Our answer is ‘everything’ and this novel, a love story, is a unique way of bringing the sociological concepts and perspective into awareness.

The Dancer’s Gift: Sociology in Life introduces students to 180 sociological concepts that are cleverly interwoven throughout this story about two lovers–Samantha a sociology major and Marcel a dancer. Storytelling is the creative conversion of life itself to a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. The stories and characters of our hybrid novel/textbook have been chosen to represent a spectrum of different cultures, socioeconomic strata, religions and ethnicity. The stories cover a range of issues like marriage and divorce, adultery, education, religion, gender issues and racism; basically a kaleidoscope of sociology, but as events taken in the context of a love story.

The Dancer's Gift: Sociology in Life brilliantly weaves sociological concepts with real life experience. The story of Samantha and Marcel helps students to
understand the sociological perspective as it relates to their own social world.
           ~Tracie Gardner, Lecturer, California State University, Northridge

Assigning this well written and innovative novel has helped my students embrace the sociological imagination.
The authors certainly provide sociology faculty and students with a wonderful gift.
           ~Chuck Gallmeier, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Indiana University Northwest

I am currently reading The Dancer's Gift and I am just over half done. I couldn't wait longer to express my fondness of this book. I highly recommend it that you make all of your students read this book.
            ~Sociology Student, East Carolina University

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for The Dancer's Gift. I honestly could not put the book down…I find that I can relate to this book…I loved it...Good job and thank you for opening my mind and spirit!
           ~Sociology Student, East Carolina University

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