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Israel Studies in Criminology
Volume 9

Tradition and Innovation in Crime and Justice
Tradition and Innovation in Crime and Justice

Edited By Shlomo G. Shoham and Paul Knepper

ISBN 13: 9780969870784
Pub date: 2004
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 180


The chapters in this volume feature a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in the context of Israel. The guiding theme is Tradition (and culture) and Innovation as either contributing to a particular crime problem such as violence against women or to solutions as revealed in the chapter on rehabilitating inmates in Kibbutzim. Edna Erez and Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian write that culturally sensitive approaches sometimes lead to policies of “malign neglect”; they argue for policies of respect based on contextually sensitive approaches. Shoham outlines the mindset that carries out suicide bombings as a sequel to a harsh cultural conflict that raged throughout the ages.

It is clear that crime is transcending international boundaries and that globalization is facilitating the process. Fighting against a greater number of crimes involving Israel as a global partner will require international solutions and cooperation. Bensinger's chapter, for instance, traces the trafficking of women for commercial sexual exploitation as a growing international problem.


Shlomo G. Shoham, Paul Knepper, Nick Tilley, Meir Hovav,
Eli Lawental, Maavan Lawental, Uri Timor, Efrat Shoham,
Gad J. Bensinger, Edna Erez, Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian,
and Andreas Kapardis

Endorsed by the Israeli Society of Criminology

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