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Policing & Preventing Terrorism
Policing & Preventing Terrorism around the Globe

Edited by Shlomo G. Shoman and Joshua D. Freilich

ISBN 13:
978-1-897160-49-7 (hardcover)
Pub date: April 2013
Pages: 184

Subjects: Terrorism | Criminal Justice | Policing and Crime Prevention | Criminology |

This invaluable resource is written by leading international experts of policing and preventing terrorism. The authors provide us with an in-depth analysis of the dilemmas, challenges and solutions faced by police departments and law enforcement bodies in their efforts to counter local and global terrorism.

Israel Studies in Criminology book series is founded by Shlomo G Shoham. This book series has delivered Israeli criminology to the English-speaking world since 1970.

Endorsed by the Israeli Society of Criminology

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