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Gender and Globalization

Gender and Globalization:
Patterns of Women's Resistance

Edited by
Erica G. Polakoff
and Ligaya Lindio-McGovern

ISBN 13:
9781897160343 (softcover)
Pub date: Jan 2011

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ISBN 978-1-897160-54-1

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Courses: Gender and Development | Women and Public
Policy | Women and Politics | Political Sociology | Social
Inequalities/Social Stratification | Sociology of Globalization | Sociology of Sex and Gender | Women's
Studies | Race, Class Gender |

Neoliberal globalization has a detrimental impact on most women and their families in the global South or Third World. The authors reveal that not only does globalization exacerbate their already subordinate position in the global political economy, but also that women are fighting back. They have devised various ways to resist the negative consequences of neoliberal policies and corporate globalization on their everyday lives and on their nation states. Their politics of resistance offers strategies, insights and practical ideas about how a better, more just world can be achieved. This book pays particular attention to the contradictions of neoliberal globalization and how these contradictions create resistance to it as well as the search for equitable and empowering alternatives.


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