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Classroom Tested. Student Approved.

Color For The Real WorldColor for the Real World
Student Edition

All-in-One textbook with
workbook and Student CD

Alice Chu and Jen Nemeth
Ryerson University, School of Fashion and Design

ISBN 9781897160442 (Student Edition)
ISBN 9781897160459 (Instructor Edition)

Pub date: June 2010

Courses: Fashion Design | Interior Design | Communication Design | Textile Design | Product Design | Illustration |

Color for the Real World is an all-in-one textbook containing a lab manual and an e Resouce for students of design including fashion design, interior design, communication design, textile design, product design and illustration. Classroom tested at Ryerson University, and developed through student surveys and feedback, this book provides a total learning environment.

This dynamic resource interacts with student and instructor modules. The digital modules provide a rich, timely and contemporary way to elucidate the content and engage learning.

The textbook Color for the Real World is comprised of four complementary elements:

 8 chapters including tear out sheets for the exercises
7 digital modules in PDF on a student CD
 Numerous exercises and projects
Extensive bibliography of key works.

The digital CD for students has 7 modules corresponding to the relevant chapters to illustrate the text, exercises, and projects. The modules of the student CD feature 447 frames including 304 images. Key points and visuals on the CD serve as devices to reinforce the lecture material.

After completing the laboratory exercises and projects in  Color for the Real World, as well as studying the theory, students at Ryerson University were able to create the images displayed here.

Students' Artwork